ClickerExpo LIVE 2022 Attendees Group!

Thank you for registering for ClickerExpo LIVE! This group is a place for you to connect virtually with other attendees - whether you want to grow your network where you live, find others who share your interests, or have questions on how to make the most of your ClickerExpo LIVE experience!
Kindly take a moment to read through the group guidelines. If you have questions about how to post in the group, adjust your email preferences, follow/unfollow hashtags, and more, visit the Group’s wiki.

Be clickerly
Focus on the good, ignore the bad. 

Self moderate
An understood part of list membership is that interactions should fit in the guides of positive reinforcement-based teaching and learning.  Any "issues" should be addressed with positive, constructive solutions and a sincere effort should be made to refrain from negative or punitive comments. Before pressing send the tag point is… Is it clickerly?

Our members self-moderate by keeping posts friendly and kind; Karen Pryor Clicker Training does not moderate posts unless necessary.

Cross post with permission
Please obtain specific permission from the original poster before sharing a post in part or full to any other person or group - including social media platforms.

Post relevant topics
Discussions in this group are centered around ClickerExpo LIVE, connecting and networking with other ClickerExpo LIVE attendees, and teaching and training with clicker training principles. Posts about other events and promotions must be approved by group moderators. Please send these posts to and we will let you know if it is ok to post them to the group. Moderators may remove posts that have not been approved.

We are glad to have you in this group. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

These guidelines are subject to change. 
Karen Pryor Clicker Training reserves the right to remove posts or group members at our discretion.

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